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It was also a great help to reduce the height by abandoning the centuries-old conventions of plates and bridgings. The case was made from a solid gold piece, which was shaped like the lid of an old shoe box. Components were then fitted in their designated areas, followed by the dial, hands, and then a thin sapphire sheet to close the watches.

The Delirium, at 1.98mm thick, was the thinnest watch on the market. It sold well. But the truth is that the tiny market for high-end, quartz watches would not save the Swiss watchmaking industry. Beyner, Grimm, and Ebauches SA both left to emphasize this fact. They had some time to kill, so they decided to look around. They noticed that two Swiss companies were getting into EDM and it gave them an inspiration. The two men went back to their work and, over the following months, developed this idea into something patentable. They filed Swiss Patent 007961/1980, on 24 October 1980, for their design of an ultra-slim self-winding watch.

The height of the watch was drastically reduced by using the same concept as the Delirium, which involved rearranging normal components in a non-traditional way. It is possible to do away with bridges and plates in an electronic watches,Franck Muller Casablanca Replica but it has never been done in a mechanical watch. The breakthrough came when the case was used as the mainplate for the movement, with a large bridge acting as the support for the pinions. Another eureka moment was when it became clear that the winding rotor did not have to rotate 360 degrees as long as the wheel could be moved one click at a given time.

Franck Muller Casablanca Replica's prototype is the first ultra-thin, automatic-winding tourbillon in the world. They set a new record at only 2.7mm by integrating the movement into the caseback (Rolex Datejust Replica Watches).

The movement's height was kept low by sinking most of the weight of the pendulum into the case back. To increase efficiency, they used two of the densest and heaviest metals available - platinum. Only the electronic erosion machines were able produce parts with such precision. The case/movement combination was made in one piece and could not be produced on conventional machines and then finished by hand. Only electronic erosion machines were able to do this.

Ebauches SA was granted the patent, as it decided that slim gold dress watch sales had dried up. It saw no reason to continue manufacturing them. The company also faced the challenge of making movements that other companies would install into cases. Grimm's concept was impossible - there was no movement and the watch could only be sold as a whole. Ebauches SA did not have any experience selling watches, so they quietly dropped the idea. Beyner and Grimm then went back to what was possible and practical.